Definition of a yacht builder :
Has built, designed, then been offshore in more boats than anyone, while making a boat beautiful, reliable and fun!
Best place in the world to build your yacht... 
    To be a great boat builder takes a very long time. No yacht builder will ever know everything about building every aspect of a yacht. Greg Moore started 1988 as a local builder after getting a degree and finishing his naval enlistment. He has been hands on in every aspect of boat building, engine, wires, wood, glass, paint and metal work. After mastering dozens of different trades Greg still works tirelessly to learn more from the examples of other builders from around the world by attending the world's best boat shows for over 30 years. If Greg stayed on the design and engineering side without getting hands-on in the repair and building, he couldn't really build your yacht with the offshore readiness you need. Greg has not only completed over 40,000 marine work orders, he has navigated on almost every major wayway in north america. Seeing and feeling first hand what it's like to be out there and count on the boat working. If your floating on it, Greg knows that a small boat or large boat both require safety and reliability. He gives a boston whaler or a dingy the same attention to detail as a super yacht. 
    The biggest obstacle to any boat or yacht is funding. Everyone has a budget. Greg's talent direct to you. Very few know enough about real engineering and hand crafting to do 100% of all the work in house without subbing it out. Highest value anywhere. Some of the simple things, sure go ahead, sub it out! But Greg will never sub out things like engines, electrical, electronics, upholstery, woodworking, interior design, or machinery. Never! Those are too important to give control away. Unless a sub has personally proven success with Greg, its done in house.      
    Greg has hired hundreds who advertise that they do marine this or marine that and 99% have let him down just like they will let you down. The ones who didn't, hes close friends with and respects them. If someone is out there saying bad things about Mr Moore, chances are Greg doesn't respect them. It's Gregs clients who matter the most.
     Takes a huge team to build your yacht. Greg feel strongly it's better to have a few great people than 20 who don't know what they're doing. He admits he has had to push boat building or repair projects forward inch by inch using new talent due to the severe lack of true craftsmen and artisans left in town but its very hard on him. Greg's training, his brain and his building ability has turned many a new talent into a skilled technicians. Over a dozen major marine business owners here in San Diego we're new in boating when Greg gave them their first boating job or lessons. What Greg knows is so vast and valuable, people suck it up and steal it. 
    There are no shortcuts. If someone wants to spend 10 years in school first, go to the navy, then build 50 boats and fix 35,000 dockside failures, deal with 150,000 boat owners inquiries or request along with 5,000 different boat workers, while selling over 200 million dollars of marine equipment, well,,, then they can be Gregs ghost. There is only one of him, get your order into him now. Call him, he will help you in some way no matter what. Most likely he might not be able to take on your job right away but, if he can't he will interview you and send you to the right place. 
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